If you answered YES to any of these questions, this online course is for you!

La Bella Medispa owner Rebecca Miller attended this event, and used a 3 minute video to generate $8000.00 in sales in just one day after implementing what she discovered at this training.

Sam Leo from Scorpion Marketing Media increased revenue for a client by a whopping 40% after learning how to get more traction on social media.

Tricia Ritson from Ritzco Homes: She describes social media as ‘working wonders’ after her turnover has tripled (what would a tripling of your business mean to you?)

Cath and Kim Evans doubled their construction business turnover from $500,000-$1million in their first year after the training.

Diego Londono from Bluecorp Australia went from $1.5m in revenue to $7.2m in just 12 months (almost 5x increase) for their ductwork business.

Financial Planner Adele Martin saw her sales soar 500% year on year, and is now looking to book 1000% growth in 2018.

Kerwin Rae Presents...
Fast Growth Summit - Social Media Series
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It took us months to get right... But now I've finally cracked the code to generating actual PROFIT from social media...
And at the upcoming "Fast Growth Summit" I'll be revealing my exact step-by-step blueprint for sky-rocketing your sales with social media.
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So How Much Does it Cost to
Attend This Eye-Opening Event?


Andrew Fenton doubled his revenue and reconnected with himself


Tyson Lewis 7x’ed his financial planning business in 9 months

Not only has Toni Turner 9x’ed her business, she’s also lost 25kgs in just three months

There are seminars out there, which offer far less value than you’ll get at the Fast Growth Summit, that cost several hundred dollars to attend.

But I know there are a lot of business owners struggling to keep up with all the marketing technology changes right now – and I want to make it extremely easy for you.

So after much discussion with my team, we’ve decided you won’t have to invest $500.00. Or $300.00. Or even $100.00.

That’s right, I’ve set the price at just $47AUD.

Which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is incredible value – especially when you consider…


Warwick & Emie Roach increased their turnover by $500K in 3 months after working with Kerwin


Diego Londono & Lana Escalante went from a $280K loss to $380K profit in 6 months

Joeri Tuijn turned over his entire sales from last year, in just 6 weeks with Kerwin's strategies

As you can see, $47 is the bargain of a lifetime for anyone who actually attends and applies these techniques. In actual fact, the money is irrelevant because...

If You’re Not 100% Satisfied, I’ll
Give You Double Your Money Back

Why am I making such a crazy offer?

It’s simple...

I’m pulling out all the stops to get you over the line because I hate to see people struggle. It breaks my heart to see so many Australian businesses failing, especially when the solution to your problem is so simple (you just need someone to show you where to look).

Second, I’m currently on the lookout for a few more high-level clients I can work with one-on-one to grow their business by 10x, and give them unprecedented amounts of wealth and freedom.

And I’m a great believer in having ‘skin in the game’, and figured putting myself on the line with a 2x your money back guarantee was a great way to kick off this relationship.

If you become a client, great. And if not, that’s cool too. Either way, it allows us both to see if we’re a good fit for my upcoming consulting program.

More importantly, it allows me to fulfil my mission of…

Helping Business Owners Succeed With Social Media

You see, ever since I suffered my near fatal stroke 9 years ago, when doctors told me I could be physically and mentally disabled, I have devoted my life to helping business owners not only attract more cashflow, but to build a lifestyle – so you can spend more time with your family and look after your health.

That’s what drives me. I’d do anything for this little guy:

Family time means everything to me, and I know how tough it is right now. If you’re not keeping up with the way social media is changing the landscape of advertising and marketing – you can be working way too hard for too little results, which takes a real toll on your personal life.

Make no mistake about it…

I know how it feels to see your leads being stolen by lesser quality competitors who have embraced this technology – and feeling helpless to fight back.

I know it can be confusing to grasp where to focus your time, money and energy – with so many options at your fingertips.


 Cath & Kim Evans doubled their turnover from $500K to $1Million

Monica Brewer tripled sales in 5 months and went from 1 staff member to 5


Adele Martin 5x’ed her business within a year of working with Kerwin


Let me help you. An evening at the Fast Growth Summit is only $47 and I guarantee you’ll discover at least one thing you can take back to your business and apply, to generate at least 10-100x your return within 7 days.

As you can see from the case studies on this page, I’ve helped thousands of business owners generate more cashflow via these strategies. You can do it too. Don’t live in regret of missing the incredible opportunities that are available to you. Grab the bull by the horns and lock in your seat now.

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